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Bonefish Systems expands services to Local Government

November 22, 2014 - Press Release

Widely used Accounts Payable Efficiency and Fraud Prevention Services now available to Municipalities and other Government Agencies

Avon, OH, – Municipalities and other Government Agencies can now take advantage of capabilities widely used by School Districts across the state to manage payment risk and compliance requirements.

"We are excited to make our widely used services available to Municipalities who have had to rely on manual controls to manage millions of dollars of vendor and employee payment transactions. We expect Local Governments will rapidly adopt the solution just as we saw with School Districts." Tom Mitchell, CEO - Bonefish Systems

The Electronic Vendor and Payroll Audit Systems (eVAS and ePAS) are hosted, web-based services that provide automation of compliance requirements, vendor management and risk mitigation, generation of payment risk ratings, and identification of manual errors.

"Today we live in a world of ever increasing regulatory requirements and we all carry the burden of keeping up. The Electronic Vendor Audit System supports and automates regulatory obligations to help our organization increase compliance with reduced effort." Ryan Ghizzoni, Berea City Schools

Bonefish Systems is a provider of fraud detection solutions. Bonefish markets to financial managers promoting easy-to-use, hosted software applications such as the Electronic Vendor Audit System (eVAS) and Electronic Payroll Audit System (ePAS). Bonefish Systems’ mission is to bring technology capabilities to organizations that don’t have easy and affordable access to innovations.

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