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February 1st, 2012- Ohio Schools Council Newsletter

eVAS Program is Expanding!

The Ohio Schools Council (OSC) and Ohio Association of School Business Officials (OASBO) are working jointly to bring the Electronic Vendor Audit System (eVAS) program statewide. The eVAS program is an automated system to audit your vendor payments, augment your manual audit processes and add controls to ensure cost effective and easy-to-use vendor payment risk mitigation. OSC is offering eVAS at a discounted rate. This service offering is quickly being adopted by a number of districts, so we have leveraged our buying power and negotiated the lowest rate ever offered. The Electronic Vendor Audit System (eVAS) is a web-based service that gives you access to a simple automation tool. It ensures easy-to-use vendor payment risk mitigation through the generation of risk ratings to alert you of potential fraudulent vendor payments and errors. eVAS provides you with a proactive means to detect and prevent accounts payable fraud, increase fiscal responsibility, and support separation of duties. Using this system also provides valuable reporting including vendor payment trend analysis.

If you are interested in more information about this program, please contact OSC at (800) 264-1326.

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