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January 15th, 2012-Ohio Association of School Business Officials Press Release

AP Automation eVAS (Electronic Vendor Audit System) Program

OASBO and Ohio Schools Council (OSC) have partnered with Bonefish Systems to offer its members discounted rates for the Accounts Payable Automation eVAS Program. The Electronic Vendor Audit System (eVAS) is a hosted web-based application that prevents and detects vendor payment fraud, assists in regulatory compliance, and reduces manual errors in account payables. The low cost fee provides the following benefits:

  • Vendor payment management and risk mitigation for the thousands of vendors a district typically has to maintain. Risk ratings touch 100% of all payments
  • Flags potential manual errors such as duplicate invoice numbers for the same or different PO numbers.
  • Automates the Auditor of State and federal regulatory requirements such as Findings for Recovery and Federal Excluded Parties Listing.
  • Offers technology-made-easy through its simple automation – requiring no special IT support for implementation or ongoing use.
  • Continuous improvement of system functionality to support ongoing regulation requirements and fraud analysis. Enhancements are installed at no additional cost or upgrade fee.

The Electronic Vendor Audit System quickly and cost-effectively generates risk ratings to alert potential fraudulent vendor payments, prompts flags to perform necessary compliance actions based on current regulations, and identifies potential manual errors. eVAS does this in a few short minutes through its proprietary rules-based engine developed by experts in banking and forensic accounting after extensive research of actual cases from across the country. Key ROI considerations include:

  • Duplicate Invoice Payment Detection - Checks both Invoice and PO. Immediate savings derived from detection and elimination of duplicate payment.
  • Segregation of Duty – Demonstrates good practices to auditor.
  • Staff Augmentation – Helps when additional staff is not feasible, eVAS supports duties for a fraction of the cost.
  • Fraud Deterrent – Districts can’t afford to lose what little they have!
  • Time and Resource Savings - Using eVAS saves resource time with research and audits.

Bonefish Systems is an information technology provider of lightweight process automation solutions and IT services. We help our customers focus on core business while minimizing the burden of large capital investments.

To set up a demo or get started today contact Sales@BonefishSystems.com or call 614-427-eVAS.

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